US Code Visualization 1 - Code Explorer (Beta) [X]
By Professor Harry Surden (Click for Notes) [x]
US Code Explorer (Beta)

This is an interactive demo experiment for exploring and navigating the hierarchy of the US Code. Included is one of the sample titles of the US Code: Titles 35 (The Patent Laws). Click on the title to begin exploring the parts and sub-parts. Click on [Load Multiple Titles] to load another version with several titles from the US Code under one tree.

This demo was made by parsing .xml files of the US Code created by the US House of Representatives. These files contain the text of the titles of the US Federal Code "marked up" in .xml format. The US Code .xml files were then processed and parsed into .json files with the data and hierarchy. The data within the .json files were then fed into the d3 visualization framework for visualization.

The d3 visualizations were modified to a suitable form for browsing the code.
More information is available at this blog post. Please Note: This visualization is a beta and has not been thoroughly tested. Please do not rely on the laws or the code being error free.

This is a modified version of Mike Bostock's collapsable tree layout.